Is LASIK Surgery Right For You?

Advanced Eye Care Associates Offers Screening For LASIK Eye Surgery

Before undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you must be screened by an optometry professional to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure. At Advanced Eye Care Associates in Providence, RI, we offer screening to determine if you would be a good candidate for LASIK vision correction surgery.

Understanding LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK vision correction surgery improves your vision by changing the shape of the cornea to allow images to focus more clearly A small flap is made in the cornea, and the surgeon will reshape the tissues into a more rounded form for better vision. The flap is then folded back, and then, the eyes are allowed to heal over a few days. The eye doctor will provide eye drops to prevent infection. Follow-up visits to your optometrist will ensure that healing is progressing normally.

Who Is a Good Candidate For LASIK Surgery?

You should be at least 18 years of age. Your eyes health, with no sign of infection or disease. Your pupils should not be too large, which could increase your risk for side effects after surgery. Your vision problems must be within a certain range. Your vision stable, and you should be in good general health.

Who Should Not Receive LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you are pregnant, its best to delay eye surgery until after the birth. Some types of prescription drugs can interfere with normal healing, and so should be discontinued before receiving the surgery. Diabetes and blood sugar changes can affect your vision and may disqualify you for surgery. Autoimmune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, can affect the results of your surgery. Individuals with dry eye syndrome may have increased problems after surgery and may not be good candidates.

Choose Advanced Eye Care Associates For LASIK in Providence

The optometrists at Advanced Eye Care Associates are committed to providing the highest quality eye care for their patients in Providence, RI, and surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fitting, pediatric eye care, and emergency eye care. Call Advance Eye Care Associates today at 401-331-2020 for an appointment to discuss whether LASIK eye surgery is right for you.

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