Orthokeratology: FAQ

How an Optometrist in Providence Can Help You Regain Your Near Vision with Orthokeratology

What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k for short, is a process that uses a special kind of contact lens to correct nearsightedness. It's also sometimes known as corneal reshaping or CR. A doctor of optometry examines the patient and prescribes the correct type of contact lens for treatment.

Who Can Get Orthokeratology?

The best candidates for orthokeratology are children who are 8 to 12 and have progressive myopia, ortho-k is actually know to slow down the progression of myopia for these candidates. Adults and adolescents can also undergo ortho-k, based on their prescription and needs. An eye doctor can perform an examination on your eyes and determine if ortho-k can be of benefit to you.

How Does Treatment Work?

In the event your optometrist feels you are a good candidate for orthokeratology, you are prescribed a special type of contact lens called a Gas Permeable or GP lens. These lenses are worn from one to two weeks depending on what your eye doctor prescribes. You only wear them when you sleep and take them out when you wake up.

The lenses work by gradually reshaping the cornea while you sleep. Your vision will change during the course of treatment which means you need to focus on your eye care during this time and wear soft lenses during the day.

How Long is the Treatment?

The initial reshaping takes one to two weeks and you should be able to see during the day without the use of corrective lenses of any type. You will need to maintain the shape of the cornea by, this is best done by wearing the ortho-k lenses every night, although depending on your circumstances and prescription, you may be able to get by with wearing the lenses a couple times a week. Although if you stop wearing the lenses your eyesight will revert back as it was before treatment.

How Long Does the Corneal Reshaping Last?

Everyone is different when it comes to how effective orthokeratology will be for them. Your eye doctor can give you a better answer as to the effectiveness of corneal reshaping after an examination.

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