A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside the eye. The clouding of the lens can cause blur, glare, reduced color perception, and double vision. Early visual changes from cataracts are often lessened with the use of updated glasses prescriptions, anti-glare lenses, and sunglasses. In many cases, surgery to remove the cloudy lens is eventually required.

Cataracts are most commonly caused by aging and UV sunlight exposure. Some people are born with cataracts and some cataracts are caused by trauma or the use of steroid medications. Using UV coated sunglasses and UV coated clear lenses is important in helping protect your eyes against cataract formation.

A comprehensive eye examination is the best way to determine if you have cataracts. At Advanced Eye Care Associates we evaluate every patient for the presence of eye diseases, including cataracts, during their comprehensive annual eye examination.

If the time has come for you to have your cataract removed our cataract surgeon, Ezra Galler, MD, will meet with you in the office to discuss options. Modern day cataract surgery removes the cloudy natural lens and replaces it with an artificial one. There are many types of lenses to choose from. Some correct for astigmatism, alleviating the need to correct it with glasses, others are multifocal, allowing a person to see both near and far without glasses.

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