Comprehensive Eye and Vision Care

Periodic eye health and vision examinations are an important part of preventive health care. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. As a result, individuals are often unaware that a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment of problems is important for maintaining good vision and eye health, and when possible, preventing vision loss. 

A comprehensive adult eye and vision examination may include, but is not limited to, the following tests. Individual patient signs and symptoms, along with the professional judgment of the doctor, may significantly influence the testing done.

  • Medical, Eye, and Family History
  • Visual Acuity (Reading Chart)
  • Preliminary testing may include: eye muscle movements, peripheral or side vision, depth perception, color vision and the way your pupils respond to light.
  • Refraction- determination of the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism).
  • Tonometry- measurement of eye pressure. Elevated pressure in the eye signals an increased risk for glaucoma.
  • External examination of the eye includes evaluation of the cornea, eyelids, conjunctiva and surrounding eye tissue using bright light and magnification.
  • Evaluation of the lens, retina and posterior section of the eye may be done through a dilated pupil to provide a better view of the internal structures of the eye.

Additional testing may be needed based on the results of the previous tests to confirm or rule out possible problems, to clarify uncertain findings, or to provide a more in-depth assessment.

At the completion of the examination, we will discuss with you any visual or eye health problems found and explain available treatment options.

If you have questions regarding any eye or vision conditions diagnosed, or treatment recommended, please don’t hesitate to ask us for additional information or explanation.

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