Eyeglasses Lens Options

Your eyeglass lenses could include the following options for better eye health, comfort or vision:

TRANSITIONS LENSES – Transitions lenses have self-adjusting tint that darkens outside and lightens inside – the brighter the sunlight gets the darker the lens gets. These lenses decrease eyestrain and increase comfort in varying amounts of light. Transitions lenses are like sunglasses and regular glasses in one.

CRIZAL ANTI-GLARE LENSES – Crizal lenses reduce glare from computer screens, car headlights, indoor lights, etc.. They improve vision in low light situations, like night driving, by increasing the amount of light that goes through the lens and into the eye. They reduce reflections off the front of the lenses allowing others to see the wearers eyes better and making the lenses cosmetically less obvious. Anti-glare lenses are used on almost all camera and microscope lenses because of improved image quality.

VARILUX PROGRESSIVE MULTIFOCAL LENSES (“No Line Bifocals”) – Varilux lenses provide clear vision at all distances (traditional bifocals and trifocals do not). They gradually change in power allowing the wearer a smooth transition from far away objects to computer (or dashboard) and ultimately to near tasks like tablets and smart phones. There is no “image jump” or shifting of the object being viewed when changing between distance and near vision (traditional bifocals and trifocals have image jump). Many feel that Varilux lenses make the wearer look younger than line bifocals.

SOLA ACCESS LENSES – The Sola Access is designed to provide clear uninterrupted vision in a modern day office setting. This lens provides superior clarity when transitioning from paperwork to computer work to up to seven feet away. Besides computer users, the Sola Access lenses are popular with artists, musicians and hobbyists. This supplemental lens is not designed for distance tasks like driving.

THIN AND LIGHT or High Index Lenses – High index lenses are ideal for both strong nearsighted and farsighted prescriptions. They are made of a special material that produces lighter and thinner lenses than basic plastic. These lenses are more comfortable to wear because less weight is sitting on the nose and pulling on the ears. High index lenses are cosmetically more appealing because there is less “coke bottle” effect.

UV COATING (Ultraviolet Coating) – UV coating blocks the ultraviolet light from the sun which causes health conditions such as cataracts, skin cancer, and possibly macular degeneration. It is recommended for ALL glasses worn outside.

POLYCARBONATE LENSES (Shatter Resistant Lenses) – Polycarbonate is ideal for protecting the eyes of children, athletes, and those who lead physically active lifestyles. It is one of the most shatter resistant materials available. It is ten times stronger than basic plastic. Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and thinner than basic plastic though not as much as “Light and Thin” high index type lenses. Polycarbonate has built in UV protection and scratch resistance.

ASPHERIC DESIGN LENSES – Aspheric lenses are ideal for strong nearsighted and farsighted prescriptions. Aspheric type lenses reduce magnification or minification of the eyes – the “big eye” or “small eye” look. Aspheric lenses reduce distortion of peripheral vision seen with basic lenses. Their flatter lens shape is more cosmetically appealing than basic lenses and they are lighter than basic plastic lenses.

POLARIZED LENSES (For Sunglasses Only)- Polarized lenses are ideal for daytime drivers, skiers, and anyone who spends time near the water. The lenses filter out reflections off water, snow, the road, and other surfaces. They prevent blind spots caused by glare and cause colors to appear more vibrant and true. Polarized lenses have built in UV protection and can be made with or without a glasses prescription.

SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING – This coating protects your investment in glasses by making them significantly more resistant to scratching. Since scratches on lenses cause blur, the coating increases the useful lifespan of the lenses. As part of our commitment to quality, all of our lenses come with scratch resistant coating (except for medical assistance glasses).

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