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Advanced Eye Care Associates in Providence, RI Introduces Our New Patient Center

Our staff here at Advanced Eye Care Associates in Providence wants to make your visit as simple as possible. That's why we've gathered everything our new patients need right here to make your first visit with us easy. Find out what to expect on your first visit, what forms you need, and how you can pay for your exam.

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What to Expect at Your First Eye Doctor Appointment with Us

When you first check in, our staff will greet you and ask you to fill out the new patient forms. Save time by checking our website for the necessary forms. During your visit, you'll discuss with one of our Providence optometrists any concerns you have or changes in your vision. You may also have to answer questions about family history of vision problems. Some conditions run in families, and your eye doctor will need to know what you're at risk for to know which tests to run.

The eye exam is a painless procedure to evaluate your visual acuity and eye health. If you have any questions about the exam, please ask. We're happy to answer our patients' questions and address their concerns. We strive to explain all the procedures we do to ease the comfort of our optometry patients.  After the exam, you may get a prescription for glasses or contacts, if needed. Regardless of the outcome, schedule your next annual eye exam when you leave. Everyone needs an optometrist exam at least once every two years. Doing so will catch eye problems when they're still treatable.

Our goal is to keep your eyes healthy, and we offer several means of helping you do this. Need contacts? If you have your prescription, you can order your contacts directly through our website. We also have an online store for eye health supplements and other products.

New Patient Center: Payments Accepted

You must pay for your visit the same day. But, we offer several flexible payment methods to make it easier to afford vision care. We accept many vision insurance plans. If you have a question whether your plan covers your visit to our Providence optometrists, call us at (401)331-2020. In addition to accepting insurance, we offer financing plans. Ask us about these plans to make paying for your eye exam easier. Check our website for any specials we have on our services to save money.

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Set your appointment online or give us a call at (401)-331-2020. At Advanced Eye Care Associates in Providence, our staff is looking forward to helping you keep your eyes healthy and to get the best vision possible. Make your appointment today.

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